The Anatomy of Hard Disk Design

by Albert Dayes

Copyright 1999 Albert Dayes
Portions Copyright 1997-1999 John Treder

It is a rare opportunity to be able to get an inside view of some the computer technology that we use everyday and this interview is one of those moments. Mr. John Treder has worked at several different companies including IBM, Conner, Priam and Quantum designing hard drives. John has graciously agreed to give us an inside look from the hard drive designer's point of view on how hard drives are created.

Originally published in Atari Online News, Etc. magazine Volume 1, #18. http://www.icwhen.com

Birth of a Hard Drive: An Interview with John Treder
History of Hard Drives *
Drive Performance - TMR *
Seek Time *
Disk Layout - Data Sectors and Servo Sectors *
Glossary of Terms

* Mr. John Treder has also previously written more details on hard drive history, design, and performance issues which are included in these sections. A number of edits have been made to the previously mentioned works to clarify and expand on some of the details.


Copyright 1999 by Albert Dayes