XMUXER.ZIP - For multiplexing and demultiplexing MPEG-2 files.

CHMINCAB.ZIP - Tom Loya's CHM file explaining how to push CHM files down from the intenet without user intervention.

FLAVORS.ZIP - A Powerpoint presentation to the Rocky Mountain STC on the different flavors of help available (2 Mb)

EXAMPLE.ZIP - An example of calling WinHelp and HTML Help from Visual Basic, including a Day of Week calculator (100k)

CLOSEUP.ZIP - A free utility to magnify the pixels under the mouse cursor - great for getting your graphic hotspots perfect (10k)

KDODGE.ZIP - Kelly Dodge and Lauren Ward's Planning and Designing Multi-Authored Help Systems (414k)

CSHELP.ZIP - Sharona Nelson and Char James-Tanny's Context Sensitive HTML Help presentation from Help University 99/Dallas (56k)

ALCHEMY.ZIP - Showing my Menu Simulator and other neat techniques (302k)

FAQWORD.ZIP - Charlie Munro's WinHelp FAQ as a Word document (68k)

FAQD2H.ZIP - WinHelp FAQ converted to help with DocToHelp (98k)

FAQROBO.ZIP - WinHelp FAQ converted to help with RoboHelp (61k)

HHTSETUP.ZIP - Ron Loewy's OCX wrapper for HTML Help (635k)

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