Help Authoring

These articles cover specific aspects of help authoring. Each article consists of several pages. While most are targeted at experienced help authors, the information may be relevant to all skill levels.

Jargon - Ever wondered what help authors are talking about?

Help Style - Miscellaneous ramblings about issues of style and elegance.

VB - WinHelp - This article covers most aspects of calling WinHelp from Visual Basic. While the code is written for 32-bit Windows, the information applies to all versions of Windows.

Cue Cards - This article covers the creation and use of Cue Cards using WinHelp and Visual Basic. The information presented can be used with any programming language.

Menu Simulator - This article details the construction of a Menu Simulator that can be used to document an application's menu structure and selections.

Testing Help - This article was taken from my conference presentation on Testing Help Systems. It can be used as a checklist to insure that all parts of a help system are tested effectively.


I write software and hardware reviews for Software Development Magazine, most of which have been published on their web site. To see my most recent reviews, search here.

eMbedded Visual Tools - Free software for Windows CE development.

Geeks Ahoy - Java Jam, a software conference at sea.


These articles were contributed by others and may or may not pertain to help authoring.

Is It Helpful? - An academic paper by Janet Brandon that attempts to find out if help systems are really helpful.

Hard Disk Design - A fascinating look by Albert Dayes and John Treder at the world of hard disk engineering.

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