Between the Cities

The terrain between Berlin and Dresden was basically flat, with occasional villages. There were a large number of wind turbines After Dresden, we climbed into the forested hills on our way to the Czech border, which was on a mountain pass. The descent into Prague covered similar terrain.

The trip from Prague to Vienna was through gently rolling hills, and was very windy. Again numerous wind turbines dotted the landscape.

From Vienna, we spent the day going over mountainous terrain, with occasional tantalizing views of the Alps in the distance to the south. Sadly, most of this highway was surrounded by either trees, earth berms, or sound barriers, making it harder to see (and photograph) the countryside. Nevertheless, it was certainly beautiful.

And it was the most photographable terrain, I guess because of the light angles and our heading in relation to the sun. The following photos show what the Austrian countryside is like.


I think this is maybe a monastery, or a government building of some kind.


Here's a huge cathedral, behind an even larger building. I think this was in Melk.


A small mountain town and lake.


A nice little village in a valley.


A village on a fairly steep slope. Most of the houses are huge - three stories or so, extensive balconies, and maybe an attached barn for those houses with acreage. A lot of the houses sported photovoltaic power cells, and a few of them contained the village cell phone antennas. I saw very few houses with active solar hot water systems.

From Munich, we first journeyed to the castle of Neuschwanstein through more rolling hills and small villages.

The journey from the castle to Lucerne took us through some of the Alps, including a trip through Lichenstein and a stop to get our passports stamped.

We covered some of the same terrain between Lucerne and the Black Forest, our lunch stop. The terrain flattened out from that point, with Heidelberg sitting on the edge of a mountain overlooking the flat land.

All in all, the most interesting terrain was that between Vienna and Salzburg, and between Neuschwanstein and Lucerne.

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