Menu Simulator

Trim the screen captures

This is the trickiest part of the whole process. You need to trim the screen captures so that just the menu is left, against a white background. We'll make the background transparent in the final bitmap, but for now just go with white.

I used PaintShop Pro, although almost any graphics program will work. Essentially, you need to keep just the portion containing the top level menu, and as much below and to the right as required to have all the menu elements shown. In PSP, I used the selection tool to draw one (from an upper-left coordinate of 3,22 on all of them), then copied and pasted into a new image. At that point, I used the rectangle tool to draw filled white rectangles where there was unneccessary background stuff, and used the pixel paintbrush to tweak the dark gray and black border shading as required. I then saved these bitmaps as Step 2 and also created GIF versions for display below. For all five menus, this took about half an hour. Here's the results...






The menus are now ready to drop into help topics.

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