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Dealing with cascading submenus

The example I used here has no cascading submenus. Cascading submenus are handled a little differently. Assume you have a menu (let's call it Options), and that it has an item labeled Fonts. The Fonts submenu has items Large, Medium, and Small. Clicking on Options on the main menu would jump to the Options menu, just like we did with the other main menu items. Similarly, clicking on the Fonts item on this menu would jump to a topic (call it Options Fonts menu) that would show the Fonts submenu exposed. The items on the Fonts submenu would have popups to their respective definitions. This is exactly the same as we did with the other submenus. However, what do we want to have happen if the user clicks on items in the still-showing Options menu? In the world of the apps, what happens is that the exposed submenu (in this case, Fonts) goes away, and the click is passed on to the menu item on the Options menu. Which, in our case, would trigger a popup. So, to do this from the hotspot on the Optio ns Fonts menu, we need to jump back to the Options menu, then trigger the popup. We can do this from one hotspot by using the macro calls JI and PI. The JI macro jumps to the Options menu, the PI macro then pops up the definition of the menu items.

I know this is hard to visualize, but you'll understand it better if you look at the Alchemy help file and play with its Menu Simulator.

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