Menu Simulator 

Variations on a theme

The Menu Simulator presented here is only a starting point. There are several ways it could be modified and extended. For instance:

Menu items that contain ... typically lead to separate dialog windows in the application. Instead of popping up a topic that explains that menu item, the hotspot could jump directly to the topic that explains that dialog. In the Alchemy help file, I have jumps within the popup definition that can take you to that dialog.

It would be possible to enhance screen shots of the dialogs themselves using these techniques. For example, a dialog containing a drop-down list could have a hotspot on that list take the user to an identical topic, except the screen shot shows the dialog with that list expanded. This Dialog Simulator concept would be harder to build than the Menu Simulator, but effective.

If you come up with ways to extend this concept, please email me with details and I'll post them here.

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