We had a great hotel in Munich - it was a smaller hotel in a suburban neighborhood. Below the hotel were both a bar and a supermarket, so we were able to get things like cold milk and fruit. It was also very quiet once the day's World Cup games had ended. The hotel also had free wireless so I was able to check email.

During our tour of Munich, we saw a number of the government buildings from pre-WWII, including the site of Hitler's headquarters. We made sure to be downtown at the world-famous Glockenspeil when it started its 12 noon antics.


After lunch most of us went to visit Dachau, Hitler's first concentration camp. It was particularly touching because my wife is a member of one of the groups Hitler persecuted. The major buildings are now used for a museum. I took few pictures there, primarily because it was so depressing.


After a bit of shopping downtown, we had dinner at the world-famous Hofbrau Haus.


The food was excellent, and the entertainment was interesting. And, of course, the beer was awesome!


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