You may have seen this castle somewhere, from a movie to a theme park to innumerable photos. Neuschwanstein was built by "Mad" King Ludwig II and is the most state-of-the-art castle in the world. For instance, it had running hot and cold water, a central heating system, and even an automatic roasting spit driven by a turbine in the exhaust stack.

Ludwig was obsessed with Richard Wagner, and the castle is decorated with many scenes from his operas. While the castle is large, it was built for one person (and the necessary servants). It was not completely finished inside when Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances. He had only lived at the castle for a year and a half.

All tours must are guided, and no interior photos are permitted. You can find more information at their web site. If you ever visit this region, seeing this castle should be high on your To Do list. To get the best exterior picture of the castle, you need to visit the nearby bridge, where this picture was taken.


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