We checked into our hotel right before dinner. It had a tiny (3 passengers maximum) elevator. Rather than wait for all the students and teachers, Ryan and I walked the eight floors to our room, with all our luggage. We ended up doing this several times during our stay.

I didn't sleep any better in Prague - again the hotel had no ventilation so we had to leave the windows open. In the case of this hotel, it was on one of the busiest downtown streets, with a fire station down the block and numerous hospitals within siren distance. So we had noise all night...


We walked down to the river after dinner, then back through the shopping district. The next morning we met our local tour guide, a short older lady with a faint voice. She took us on a tour of the Hradcany castle and enclosed St. Vitus church. The castle was huge, and looked more like a palace than a castle. The church was also huge and had several very large and very beautiful stained glass windows.


We had just a few minutes to look at the Kafka Cafe, then started the long walk down to the Charles bridge. Our tour guide may have been short but she could outwalk most of us. After crossing the bridge, we ended up in the shopping district, where we had the afternoon free. I resisted buying any of the exquisite Bohemian crystal as I knew I could never get it home intact.


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