The following links go to vendors of authoring tools and utilities that I know about - if your company is not here and should be, please email me the url and a short description of your product(s).

Where have all the authoring systems gone? I just checked my links here and many of them are no longer in business.

QuickHelp - New help authoring system for Linux.

ForeFront - ForeHelp and ForeHTML are the best standalone authoring tools for WinHelp and HTML Help. ForeHelp was voted Best WinHelp Authoring Tool at the 1999 WinWriters Walden Awards and has won several other awards since then. Sadly, ForeFront ceased operation in January 2002. InterHelp was sold to ComponentOne.

WexTech Systems - Doc-To-Help is one of the original help authoring tools, and is exceptional at creating help from well-formed Word documents. In 2001, WexTech sold Doc-To-Help to Component One so they could focus on AnswerWorks.

Eon Solutions Ltd. - EasyHelp & EasyHTML are powerful Word-based authoring tools.

Olson Software - HyperText Studio is an easy-to-use tool for producing WinHelp and HTML Help systems.

Virtual Media - Apparently gone the way of the dinosaur - web site no longer available.

StateLine Software - Also gone the way of the dinosaur.

RoboHelp - About to become a dinosaur, I'm afraid. The company was sold to Macromedia, who laid off the developers - a sure sign the product is near death. Latest rumor is that Macromedia will be acquired by Adobe, who will then deliver the final death blow.

The following links are to products I have either not used or have not used recently enought to make comments about.

HelpLinker 2000 - Also gone - web site is for sale
Brown Inc. - HTML Indexer
EC Software - Help & Manual
VivaTexte - Turned into ePrep learning development system

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