Vienna seemed to be a much larger city than Prague, and thanks to the prevailing mountain winds, has rather clean air. Like most cities in Europe, Vienna has an interesting mix of old and new architecture. One of the more reknown buildings is the HundertWasser apartment building, where no two apartments are the same, walls are not straight, and floors are not level. I'm sure it has a long waiting list.


We also visited the Schonbrunn Palace, a favorite of the Hapsburgs due to the clean water and air in Vienna. This palace was huge, containing 1441 rooms and requiring a staff of 700. It was surrounded by extensive gardens, and the grounds contain the earliest known zoo.


Vienna's downtown (inside the Ring Road) is very walkable, with plenty of places to shop and eat. Tired of German food, I joined with several of the students for lunch at T.G.I. Fridays. Later, we wandered through the shopping district before meeting the rest of the group at St. Stephen's Cathedral.


Our final dinner was at a traditional Austrian restaurant (Heuriger). They had excellent dark beer, and our dinner came on a platter heaped with schnitzel, sausages, fried chicken, ham, and potatoes.


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