Menu Simulator 

What is a Menu Simulator?

A Menu Simulator is a method of simulating an application's menus from within a help file. It can be used by the curious to find explanations for any menu item, and can also lead the user to the dialogs available from menu items. I used the Menu Simulator extensively in the Alchemy help file I created several years ago. My original plans were to publish this information in one chapter of a WinHelp book, but no one seems interested in publishing WinHelp books any more. While the emphasis here is on WinHelp, the technique should work fine using HTML and GIF files instead of RTF and bitmap files.

NOTE: The following steps are rather graphics-intensive and may take a while to fetch if you have low bandwidth.

Steps to Creating a Menu Simulator

Capture all of the application's menus
Trim the screen captures
Insert captures into topics
Insert jumps and popups into captured graphics
Dealing with cascading submenus
Variations on a theme

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