My son Ryan and I went on a tour with his German teacher, two other boys, and a group of students from Montana, Indiana, and Florida. It was a whirlwind - 6 cities in 12 days, plus a flight day on either end.

The flights were uneventful. Both domestic flights were on United, while the transatlantic flights were on Lufthansa. After years of domestic flights, I must say I'm impressed with Lufthansa. The meals were not only edible but actually quite tasty, they served free wine with dinner, and they also served free congac after dinner.

Berlin - We saw both East and West Berlin, along with several museums and an awesome cathedral.
Dresden - A brief stop with a stunning jewelery collection.
Prague - We visited the castle, and had time to shop.
Vienna - We visited the Shonnbrunn palace and the old downtown area.
Salzburg - Only a few hours to wander around - not enough time to see it all.
Munich - An animated tour guide, and a side trip to Dachau.
Neuschwanstein - The fairy-tale castle.
Lucerne - A beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful countryside.
Heidelberg - Two castles, plus a Rhine river cruise.
Between the Cities - An account of our travels between the above cities.

In summary, it was an excellent albeit exhausting trip. The other student groups and their teachers/parents were excellent traveling companions, and our tour guide Simon (from Great Britain) was awesome - he really knows his stuff. Our bus driver Tibor (from Budapest) was an excellent driver, negotiating a huge bus around narrow roads with ease.

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